Congratulations, WeatherFlow!

I want to express my sincere congratulation to WeatherFlow, David, Corrine, Keith and and entire staff.

It’s been just days under two years since WeatherFlow launched the “Smart Weather Station” campaign on Indiegogo. For WeatherFlow it has been two long years. For the backers it has been two very long years.

While many of the backers came to question if the product would ever ship, many more stood behind WeatherFlow and provided the needed support and information to make this a great product.

Congratulations to WeatherFlow, the Field Testers and all of the backers that have waited for this great product.


Totally agree with @GaryFunk. WF had a vision, and with a dedicated team of engineers and field testers, it has become a reality.



Couldn’t agree more! Great job to all. This project has renewed my faith in crowd-funded projects.


No, thanks to you, @GaryFunk, and all of our amazing backers, especially our incredible group of field testers. We literally couldn’t have done it without you. And we’re just getting started!!!


We know WeatherFlow isn’t a start-up company and we know WeatherFlow has ventured into a new area. We realize the technology used is new and required a lot of study and adjustment.

While it was a long two years my personal feeling is one of trust and confidence.

As a group, we are looking forward to following and working with new WeatherFlow products. While I do not speak for everyone here, I am confident the group is excited.