App Question regarding totals


Is there a feature on the app, where we can see the “cumulative” rain totals for a specific amount of time? Month, Year, All-Time, Custom? And if there isn’t, is this possible in future updates? Wind Gusts too.


If you upload your data to Weather Underground those are available.

(thanks again to Ian for the tip in Jan 2019).

Yeah, I do, but was wonder if the app had it or if it was in future considerations.

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Wel, that’s a bummer. Maybe it’s just me, but I think tracking historical numbers is a very basic function of any PWS software. I’ve never owned a PWS that did not track historical numbers.
Having to rely on Weather Underground is no good. I did not just spend $250 on a piece of hardware only to use another service to track the data that it collects.

Just got my Tempest a few days ago and I’m impressed with the hardware.
The app… not so much.

I agree. The APP should have the capability. Useless to rely on WU.