[App] History rollups

It would be nice to have Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Stats in the history.

So especially for rainfall, how many inches of rain did we get this week or this month. maybe averages for things like temp and humidity.

looking at wunderground, the weekly and monthly shows Total Rain accumulation, then all other stats are Low, High and Average. This would be perfect

It would also be nice to have the daily high and low temperatures and the times that those occurred.


I would like to see more tracking options. What was the high and low temperatures for the week/ for the year, since it went live? How does this compare to today’s temperature?

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  1. It would be nice if this were available in the native app
  2. I haven’t been able to get my Tempest to connect with WU. If either someone here or there (WU) could help out, that would be great!

. . .and also the Times that the High and Low temperature occurred as well as the direction and time of the max wind gust occurrence. Not to mention the High / Low Battery levels and the times that those two items occurred.


pwsweather.com has a really nice monthly summery, here’s my Tempest station on pws, page down to the monthly summery to see what I"m talking about.

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I had the same exact thoughts the first time I opened the rainfall chart. Voted!

Thank you for making this feature request, @les.anthis!

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I totally Agree. I came on here to add this specific request. to have in the app and web interfaces most of the data high/low for day, week, month and year and year along with accumulated rain for day, week, month and year.

thank you,


I agree. It would be nice in the history tab to be able to select a start and end date to show history/accumulation over any period of time you choose.

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