Sharing my weather station data?

It seems I read somewhere that my WeatherFlow weather station could share it’s data with other weather apps such as WeatherUnderground, Dark Sky, and the NWS. I have also heard that by sharing my data that I could use their premium apps for free. I just got my station mounted and operational, and I can’t seem to find that information. I’d appreciate anyone passing along any information you have.


This might help?

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

HI all, I too am looking at sharing my weather data with Met Office UK (BOM Australia), but am unable to work out how to do this. Does this interface exists for WeatherFlow Tempest?
Hoping you can advise, many thanks

Hi Karen and welcome :-),
I do not know about the Met Office UK.
There is no way that I am aware of to share your data with BOM Australia.
You can share it with the other services as listed above directly by selecting it in your App. Weather Underground is not difficult to set up, there are instructions here:

And you can also share it with other services such as windy and others by using 3rd party Apps which require purchasing some hardware and installing Apps and setting them up.
If you explain specifically where you wish to share it or for what purpose others might explain more options for you.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Hi Ian
Thanks for quick reply. If you look at this link, you will see that BOM in Australia invites users of weather stations to share their data.

I thought I’d like to provide the weather from my new Tempest weather station, but couldn’t find an easy interface to use.
BOM suggests integration via the likes of Cumulus, WeatherDisplay, WUHU and PYWWS. However, not being super tech savy, I’m struggling…and perhaps thinking it’s a bit too hard :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your time.

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share simply will not be an option

You can try via third party options that intercept the data and forward it

I just checked and indeed Weather Display can forward directly to BOM, but this is a paid software. Depending your skills you can choose a platform to run the software.
Not sure WeeWx has a plugin for BOM, wouldn’t be surprised

Maybe someone else down south has managed to do it?

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Note to self… add BOM Aus to the WeatherBox upload options…

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