CWOP Integration

Just wondering. This isn’t a complaint at all. Love my weatherflow. :slight_smile:

Why is there no ability to directly integrate with CWOP like there is with say WeatherUnderground? Does it have to to with the way CWOP takes in data?

I would love to report to CWOP but I don’t want to have another computer constantly on and reporting and I was just looking over the instructions for installing 3rd party (weewx) on a Pie and it’s just way over my head. :slight_smile:

Is there any other way to send the data to CWOP?

Currently, the only way is to use a 3rd party application.

For instance… (shameless plug here)… btstWx Server will allow you to do that… but yes, it has to be running 24/7 to grab the data and push to CWOP.

Another ‘offline’ option may be coming soon.


or WeeWX or Meteobridge. All of these can feed data to CWOP and are easy to set up. I am currently using WeeWX, but have used Meteobridge in the past.


or ArchiveSW
As you can see plenty of options :slight_smile: make your choice

I was looking at WeeWX but I’m not skilled enough with Rasp Pi to undertake it. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen many of the options suggested but like I said in the original post, they all seem to need a constant connection. My real question was why? It’s more of a technical question I guess. I was wondering why you can upload to WU so easily with WeatherFlow (and many others) but not something like CWOP? What is it about CWOP that makes it more difficult?

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they all seem to need a constant connection. My real question was why?

Yes, I know WF has a constant connection as well. :slight_smile:

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It’s not that CWOP upload is difficult… It’s more that WF decided to support one of the most popular weather sites at the time of launch.

Instead of spending time setting up and upload path for a variety of weather sites, they instead just chose one, and moved on to developing the SWS/Tempest.

The ‘constant’ connection that all the apps need, is so they can handle the ‘real-time’ aspect of uploading weather data… as it happens.

If you just need something to archive the data and upload every now and then… once again, you have to go with a 3rd party setup.


Makes sense. :slight_smile:

I may work on getting the Raspberry PI up and running and using one of the softwares mentioned above… but man… I’m going to need lots of bourbon. Or maybe that isn’t a good idea. :slight_smile:

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Not sure about bourbon…but I know first-hand that RUM solves alot of issues.


I was looking at that reply for 15-20 seconds thinking… what does R U M stand for?

Wow. :slight_smile:

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Damn right it does. Since I’m stuck at home I’ve been checking my rum stock.


If FLIGHTS were a thing, I’d be on the first one to come raid that RUM Closet!

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That’s less than half of what I have. I have a lot more in a cabinet.

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I’m curious if WF next app update will add a feature that will send your data to CWOP and you won’t need a third party software to do it?

I would be surprised if WF added direct support for CWOP. CWOP (and other weather services) can be sent your data using a number of third party applications.


WeatherFlow developed the Smart Weather Station for Consumers at a lower level. WeatherFlow opened the API to developers to enhance the product with third-party applications. The UDP service cane about to give developers even more data.

At the current price point WeatherFlow cannot cater to the wants and wishes of every customer. Therefore the reason you have a large base of third party applications.


Gotcha. But I do remember seeing where they were planning on adding more sharing options. I think CWOP addition would be perfect. Many weather sites retrieve CWOP data. If WeatherCloud can retrieve data from the Tempest website, WC can post twitter updates. That’s how I upload the Davis stations on twitter.

WeatherCloud can use the REST API your data.

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The readings taken by our sensors would not pass the CWOP quality control requirements

Reference Mesowest for the standards