CWOP link for public data

Are there any plans for WF to incorporate a public data tab for CWOP like they have for WU? If not, can that be done?

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CWOP delivery has been on our roadmap from the outset but we don’t have an ETA for it.


Thanks for the reply David.

Ok, I am just getting on board with this stuff. Got my new Tempest and I am trying to figure out CWOP so that I can dump data into MesoWest, we use MesoWest for fire behavior and prediction for Wildland Fires and use the CFFDRS to do it. Any updates on if this will be something new coming out soon. Looking at all the options it looks like I have to have another computer and lots of programing I don’t understand.

I had inquired with WF last year about integrating a CWOP data flow option like they do with weather underground. Like you, in order to do it myself required computer comprehension skills that are beyond my ability. WF said that they will not alter the app to include a CWOP option. I further inquired with CWOP if they could assist me with connecting them with my data flow. They directed me to their FAQ on their website. Again, way too much computer stuff to make it work. Here is the CWOP link if you haven’t checked it yet.

I was hoping that they would add the CWOP option. It’s really not always possible or worth the money to have a dedicated computer just to send data to CWOP.

As to running a computer … a simple Raspberry Pi and a few lines of code to run and you can share data to cwop …

You have Gary’s ArchiveSW. 7 commands to give once you have your Raspberry setup …

More difficult is Weewx but it’s options go way further

And if you are the really lazy man there is MeteoBridge but you will need some extra cash


…and my WxConsole will run on an existing PC and allow you to upload to CWOP, PWS, WU and possibly others…

For more information, feel free to contact me directly… email is in profile.


Here’s an update on this. Tempest data is already provided directly to NOAA and other government meteorological agencies through the US National Mesonet Program via Synoptic Data. Synoptic is actually the commercial side of MesoWest (more accurately, MesoWest is now also known as “Synoptic Labs”).

So, this means that as long as your Tempest is reporting data online, WeatherFlow is doing the legwork to share the data to all government agencies and there’s no need to share it separately through CWOP. In fact, sending data to CWOP through a third-party device like weewx or meteobridge can actually create an issue with duplicate data in systems that receive both.


Thanks for the info.


Thanks for the update. Glad to know it’s already being done. The new question I guess I will have to research is how to view my data on MesoWest. I know it is synaptic now. But the website we go to is and I dont see my Wx station showing up. But I appreciate your work on this

That is certainly an issue. Many of us have been sending data to CWOP for over a year. Maybe close to two years.

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How’bout 10+ years :slight_smile:

Weewx is very easy to get running if you have even the most minimal Linux skills. I have a shell script that does a A-to-Z installation for the Tempest specifically in one command for current Raspbian on a pi. All you need to be able to do is be able to edit in your Tempest identifier that your hardware uses in its observations.

Let me know if anybody wants a copy.


I base the time while using the Air and now Tempest. David mentioned Tempest so I don’t know if it just started or when it started.

So can you view the Tempest data on MesoWest’s website?

So… how then do we see our Tempest data via CWOP?

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We’re still working with Synoptic/MesoWest on surfacing Tempest data in their public-facing data display tools. You will be able to view your data on their website sooner or later. In the meantime, you can view your data on the Tempest website (Tempest Station Map) as well as any of the WeatherFlow weather services including, or

Here’s a separate response which might better answer your question here:

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And the other question is, How do individuals opt-out of this program?


In general, there are a few different paths you can take:
1a) Let your data flow to NOAA and downstream partners through the NMP. This is the normal, default case and requires no action on your part.
1b) Let your data flow to NOAA and downstream partners through the NMP and also redundantly send your data to NOAA through CWOP using a third party tool.
2a) Opt out of the NMP and use a third party tool to send your data to NOAA through CWOP. In this case you will be bypassing WeatherFlow QC applied to the Tempest data set.
2b) Opt out of sharing your data through the NMP and NOAA until you chose to opt in.

You can opt out by contacting customer support to make a request and share your station ID.


Thank you for that information.

I am not suggesting anyone opt-out since I firmly believe that WeatherFlow will provide better data once adjusted.