Sending Data to CWOP

I have signed up for a CWOP ID, but I am having trouble figuring out how to get my data associated with that ID. Is that an option somewhere within the WeatherFlow program, or do I have to go about that a different way?


I’ve got it working via a Meteobridge.

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Same here with Wx Console.


You will need to use a third-party application.


Thanks, y’all. I will look into those.

Weewx using my WeatherFlow UDP driver will send to CWOP and probably any weather service ever created, for the cost of a Raspberry Pi and some elbow grease. I have even sent data to APRS via packet radio via weewx…


Can you maybe expand on the raspberry-pi solution for those of us not very familiar with it?

You need a working Raspberry Pi of any vintage…


…and the WF UDP station driver for weewx:

… and of course, some assembly required.

There will obviously be a learning curve if you are not familiar with Linux, but there are plenty of how-to articles in Google for setting up a Pi and even installing weewx. There is an active Google Group for weewx support, and as I said in other posts weewx can probably even be made to upload to weather sites via carrier pigeon if necessary.

Of course, let me throw in a warning that Raspberry Pi’s reproduce like rabbits once the first one arrives in a house. I have three of them monitoring different weather stations, one interfacing to my home alarm system, one serving as a home automation gateway for Siri, and just rebuilt the one that tracks airplanes flying overhead via ADS-B navigation broadcasts…



You’re not kidding…

  • one model-B from 2015 as a timelapse weather cam
  • another model-B in a detached outside room with some ds18b20 temperature sensors
  • a pi-zero running weewx and your driver temporarily til the calibrations give us good data for all sensors, plus my UDP listener seeding MQTT for the LAN
  • a pi3 running pihole and MQTT broker and my Ubiquiti USG controller software
  • a new pi3+ running node-red for a WF dashboard
  • another pi3 running influx/grafana/telegraf booted off SSD without any SD at all as a pi ‘server’ so to speak
  • a zerow sitting here powered off staring at me
  • two more model-B also heckling me because they’re powered off

Incidentally, if you get a pi3 or pi3plus the Flirc case is just awesome. Dropped my cpu temperatures 7 degC and look sooooo good sitting next to my Intel NUC box…


Another alternative is WFArchive. It is super easy to install on a RPi. You can be up and running in 30 minutes with a blank SDCard.


I was going to recommend taking a look at the WD PiDrive Enclosure - White Square 6"x6" enclosure as they are great for installing the SSD’s along with the Pi, and they stack really well - but it appears that WDLabs is no longer working on Pi stuff :frowning:

Thankfully I brought a handful previously, but that really is quite annoying as I very much liked those cases!