CWOP Data transmission w/o running second computer

Does anyone know of a way to send CWOP data along as Weather Underground station data is now. Like to be able to do so w/o running a second computer 24/7.

meteobridge self sufficient no computer may be 30 or more networks tp send data too… powers your weatherflow hub as well simlly connects to your router .


Another possibility is to use a Raspberry Pi or Pine64 to send the data. There are cheap to install and operate.


Weewx will let you shut down the computer completely if you run it on a Raspberry Pi, sending to just about every known weather service. Oh, and I have it on good authority that there’s a weewx station driver for WF UDP packets. :wink:

I have a sloppy install script to make weewx install on a base Raspbian image, and will need to get it finished and shared before the supporters get their Sky units…


hope you have a lot of time coming week end :wink:

Thanks for all the replies, Maybe I’ll give the Raspberry method a whirl. I know WF will get around to that, but they’ve got bigger fish to fry right now…

My Console would allow that… or WILL alllow that… once I connect it to CWOP. It already sends to WU…

And since it runs on Android, you could ditch the computer and go with a tablet hanging on a wall somewhere (which is what I’m gonna have a client do).


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I looked at the packet format and it’s so super simple. It also seems there is little to no error checking during transport.

I am surprised at the number of services collecting free weather data. Someone should start a list.

I have all kinds of variants of how to install weewx in vagrant/virtualbox, docker, etc. out on github. The provisioner scripts for anything debian(ish) would work on a pi.

(provisioner script for debianish systems)

If you haven’t run weewx before, I’d “strongly” suggest you run it for a while in Simulator mode, which is what this script will install, before messing with connecting to a real device.

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Hi Sam. Keep us informed on the CWOP inclusion status, I could just run that on my older Mac mini with El Capitan until other integrations for sending CWOP data are done. Thanks for all the work so far, works great!

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Will do… Planning on possibly getting a CWOP-enabled version out within the next few days.


I’ve put together a NodeJS script that works with the WFArchiver. I could turn it into an application if there is any interest.

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I have some ‘C’ code that handles sending data to CWOP here See wf-cwop.c

I currently run this on a linux box, but plan to move it to a RPi shortly.


I see this thread is a year old but I wanted to give the wfpublisher a try. It fails to compile with error: “wfp-db.c:34:10: fatal error: msql/mysql.h: no such file or directory.”

You need to have a mariadb/mysql development package installed. It would be that package that includes the mysql.h header file.


Thanks but now it complains about mosquitto.h not found. I installed the dev package for mosquitto but that didn’t help.

I’d suggest starting to Google for the exact error messages you encounter, as others have almost certainly run into the same things.

I developed wfpublish using a Fedora Linux system. On that system, mosquitto.h is provided by the mosquitto-devel package.

It was also designed to be fairly modular so that it’s not hard to modify it to remove those modules that you don’t care about. It was designed to handle pushing the data specifically where I wanted to push it and I published it mostly as reference.