Weather Display software and CWOP

Has anyone used Weather Display software (ver 10.37598)to send Tempest weather data to CWOP? If so ,any issues setting up the staton settings?
Bob Woodson
Raleigh, NC

I have not, we are all still waiting WeatherFlow to push all of out data to CWOP or give us a option to do it.

Ok. Thanks.

Bob Woodson

I just set it up and it went very smooth. No issues.

Thanks. Will give it a try.


From my experience, if Weather Display can get the data, it can pass it on no problem.

I’ve been a Davis guy historically for about 12 years and pleased. But am excited about my new Tempest. Easy install, easy to get online, etc. I bought one for a Christmas gift and it will be a fun Xmas morning install, maybe with eggnog.

I just need to work with the API and make myself a prettier dashboard. But WU works for now even though a few seconds behind the Tempest page. :wink:

The Weather Display dashboard is OK, kind of rigid and outdated.

I like Meteotemplate and might play with it and Tempest.

Are you able to send Tempest data to CWOP via WU?

FYI I have two Tempest staions and had overcome a couple bugs initially (battery backup issues) but both stations appear to be working ok.The only issue I have is the rainfall data is too low. I have had aDavis Weather Monitor II for years but parts are no longer available for repairs.


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