Data Data Data Please can we have data

Hi Guys…
I love the device, but I am sure there will be others that agree with me, most of us weather nuts love to have data on our weather. It would be really great to be able to easily look at how much rain I had today, This week, This Month or Year. Which was the wettest day and what was the hottest. When did the wind blow the hardest and what was the average over the last month. Its all about the data. Please can we have some simple tools to look at our data. Not just graphs but data as well.


Weatherflow has been clear that their software and UI is not meant for rigorous data analysis. There are a variety of third party options for data collection and analysis. I use weewx. There are other options discussed here in the forum.


yes, 3rd party software solutions provides lots of data and climate reports

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Hello @howardaron,

I sure understand your desire for more reporting options. The problem is that there is an almost infinite number of ways that people want to see their data . . . and, for a considerable number of people, just one set of display options is not actually enough. I need two different 24-hour summaries (one for the calendar day and one for the 24 hours ending at 0700 local time). Some people need to control heating and cooling systems based on the current weather conditions and some need to automate their irrigation systems. Some people need to know if sailing or windsurfing conditions are right. Some people don’t have a standard set of display requirements, but vary them depending on the weather at the moment. And, of course, some people just need their data in an SQL database so that they can slice and dice their data with their own tools or queries. So . . . for WeatherFlow to produce an app that meets your requirements would likely mean that their app doesn’t meet my requirements.

WeatherFlow has wisely (I believe) decided to produce weather instrumentation/sensors that provide data that can be easily accessed by various third-party systems as mentioned by @pswired and @weather-display to provide you with the data display that fits your needs.

Please check out the #owners:integrations thread for more information.

I happen to be using the WeatherFlow app for my quick look at my weather, Weather-Display (by @weather-display) for my 0700 NWS reporting requirements and for the NWS/NOAA standard reports and WFArchiver (by @GaryFunk) with a Raspberry Pi to collect my data into an SQL database which I use for all kinds of one-off reporting needs. But I have also tried weewx and the Weather34 template (by @Weather34) plus a few others.

In a matter of just a few minutes, you, too, can be trying out the third-party products to find the one or ones that meet your needs.

Hope this (very verbose) message helps you find what you need.



WeatherFlow has provided data via UDP and REST that can be captured and stored. Once stored searching and manipulating the result is easy.

Thanks Dan, I have two others weather stations both simple devices and they provide a simple, Hours, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and averages. I assumed that Weatherflow has all the data so it was just a view onto it which was far more important than the forecast they display as there are a zillion apps that do that. I will look into the world of third party apps to get some meaningful data out…

Thank you…


Actually I’m completely agree with you.

because it’s not a good thing to go for 3rd party to get the data or data analysis, because that will 1. require an internet connection(without loss of connection), 2. many 3d party, means different software’s, means more complicated for the users, 3. the users may face a lot of issue with these kind of sites or programs , without much care from 3rd party as much as the official one(weatherflow).
and you can see a lot of reviews on amazon mention about that, in different kind of devices not just weather station. most of the people want everything’s ready out of the box, and you will see a lot of complaint when the company does’t provide everything with their devices and makes the buyers do a lot of work to get what they want.

and I know that the weatherflow want to provide something more simple for the users and most people like that, but I hope they will provide an official program that have more professional tools for those who desire for more options (or a new official site).

That is absolutely false.


problem everyone expects it to be free and this approach stifles future development . i hope weatherflow release a better app but at a price where it at least gives an opportunity to channel funds back into and keep development alive . most third party software we see currently is done by individual enthusiasts thats not a negative quote or a detrimental meaning it simply highlights you often find individuals are extremely knowledgeable in background code but rarely have the visual design ideas or vice the versa this is not unique to,weather software , i see it in web design , i see it in software applications, my nephew is a classic example absolute wizard in programming but lacks any visual concept knowledge.

software like weather display , hardware like meteobridge are solid trusted solutions to providing all the things the weatherflow app may lack at this stage so give em a try you might just be pleasantly suprised and both of these mentioned run happily with out an internet connection both have been around for a long time there not unique or tied to weatherflow hardware.


@Weather34 I’m blissful by what your comment contain, because it have a good points.
I’m just want to share my experience and some others too that I have found on different weather forums, some people may find it a good solution and the other not, anyways, I want to thank you for your comment that will benefit the others.

@GaryFunk I don’t know why you act like that? you should read my comment carefully when I said (sites and programs). and it will be better if your comment contain explanation or illustration to benefit the others who will read your comment rather than this kind of comment.

having said that all the weatherflow stuff is still relatively new in terms of AIR + SKY so I’m sure in time everything will evolve ,unfortunately I guess people want it now :slight_smile:

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@todayweather4 I read your comments.

That statement is just not true


Indeed. My weewx UDP driver has absolutely zero need for an Internet connection. Once the data is in weewx, it is fed into a MeteoTemplate instance also running locally with no dependencies on the Internet. For those with the appropriate license, you can even share your weather observations via 2-meter VHF packet radio using APRS to CWOP…again without an Internet connection. Weewx can do everything but make toast!

My WF weewx test instance

My MeteoTemplate instance (not using WF station)

APRS/CWOP observation


need to ask a question is weewx able to deliver realtime data to text file or something at i.e 10 seconds intervals ? if so i may do something next week

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Text files are soooooooooo 1970’s. :wink:

Weewx has two types of inputs, named after Davis serial packets from their $150+ logger hardware module. The archive record is a summary of the previous X minutes, sent at the end of each archive interval (5 minutes for many sites). The LOOP record is live data as it is received from the station. On Davis stuff, it is every 2.5 seconds. In my WF UDP driver, it generates a LOOP record the instant that it receives a UDP packet…every 3 seconds in the case of rapid_wind.

On the reporting/uploading side, most of the boring files are sent using the archive records every 5 minutes. A few (like WU rapid-fire) are sent as LOOP packets arrive. Writing a custom uploader in Python to send either archive or LOOP packets via HTTP PUT is trivial.

I realize that there is some friction between you and a certain Czech individual, but I coordinated the creation of the weewx HTTP uploader with Matthew Wall (weewx developer) and the nameless person who has ignored my repeated requests for a download token for his latest template version. If you don’t want to re-invent the wheel, I can fork mwall’s uploader and make a few tweaks to make a package specifically for your input needs. If you are open to code re-use for that complete API, the only change needed in weewx is changing the target POST URL in the weewx.conf file.

With WU jumping the shark recently, I’m almost thinking that implementing their rapid-fire API pointing to alternate weather sites is a better long-term plan for getting the largest audience…

but popular software like cumulus,meteobridge all have a simple less than 1kb file to process , little cpu load :slight_smile: and makes it easier to maintain template across various software,api etc… all versions of the template use an identical structure if they were all different I wouldn’t be doing it today i would just have a personal template for myself…

all i need is an output dumped into a text.file seperated by a comma


02/06/2018 20:45:52 28.3 67.0 22.1 6.0 5.6 71.0 0.0 0.0 1015.9 71.0 4 m/s C hPa mm – 1015.9 0.0 257.1 10.0 21.4 56.0 – 19.0 23.6 …

ps i have literally no understanding of WEEWX so weewx.conf means naff all to me

What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.

@vreihen just switch to pm no idea what he is on about … but im sure there is an underlying cryptic message in there somewhere … sorry to,everyone if post got hijacked …


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Let me translate for Brian

Is Weewx capable of streaming data in ASCII?

The short answer is yes, if given the proper format and transport. This is similar to what CWOP needs.

now if you had said that in the first we would understand your message good to,talk :grin: