Alternatives to WeatherUnderground for Archival and Data Visualization

I know you folks tend not to like Weather Underground because of their policy changes, and now I’m noticing they’ve redesigned their site (again) to make my weather station data less intuitive and less accessible. I’d like to be able to save and view trends over time, preferably in a public community where my data might be able to be used for some good. Ideally this would show other interesting tidbits, such as highest temperature or wind gust recorded during a given year, and an overview for how the temperature trends compare to years’ past.

Short of Gary Funk’s amazing map, is there any such established community where WeatherFlow folks are flocking to to be able to store and visualize their historical data? Is WeatherFlow themselves working on any sort of initiative? If any developers are working on something like this, count me in for contributing my data.


I agree. 100%.

I do archive data for my clients, but only 24hours worth. It would be awesome if WF would pursue a new Wx Archival and Viz solution.

I’d be first in line to upload my (and my client’s) data.


It’s not so much that their policies turn us away as it is simply that there are so many issues with the actual service.


there are alternatives to WU
like PWS, weathercloud etc


if you run weewx, it can upload to WU, PWS, CWOP, and many other similar services…


…like APRS (if you have the amateur radio license), and even feed your very own MeteoTemplate (and Saratoga et al) weather web site. Here’s a link to my personal MeteoTemplate site, being fed via weewx from one of my non-WF weather stations and running on a Raspberry Pi in my house:

Note that I’m 5 versions behind on updates, but even so it has arguably every feature that W-who?! used to have on their dashboards in their heyday…

P.S. I just noticed on my MeteoTemplate page that we had a magnitude 1.5 earthquake yesterday morning about 22 miles from my house!


and you do all that much more with the software :slight_smile:


Guess I should put my 2 cents in…again. Same with Wx Console… You can upload to pretty much anywhere you want to…

Long term wx archival coming soon.


Here is Weather Display feeding two WF sites I run. One site is using Meteotemplate the other is using the Saratoga template.

And for the heck of it. Here is a 2nd instance of Weather Display running on the same computer displaying my Davis Vue data using a modified version of the Saratoga template.

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best option and flexible option is meteobridge
meteobridge developer has a past experience of working with weatherflow long before the air and sky
appeared . meteobridge will serve you well and work with all the popular templates like saratoga ,leuven or
the one i design homeweather station or even encourage you to design your own web template there are many other forums which all provide a wealth of knowledge on how to do certain things .many of the saratoga scripts are available as standalone usage .

as for wunderground slippery slope for a year or so now ,whilst there trying rectify the current issues you cant help thinking there sacrificing a few features that many have become accustom to , to reduce there server overheads .hopefully wunderground learnt its not about quantity its about quality ! once the no more free api key issued kicks in it will stop many app developers using there free api services in paid app solutions . that would rile me if something free I offered was being used for profit ! anyway your certainly not bound to wunderground there are many options for you either free or paid its all down what one meets your requirements .you will find opinions differ but I simply came to a conclusion they all do exactly what you need
them to do they just differ in the way the data displayed. none are better than the other just all down to your requirements.

1.meteobridge best self sufficient low power solution display best software solution
3. weewx @vreihen is your man
4.numerous other third party apps but no experience with them so not fair to judge or draw any thoughts



This won’t help with real-time visualization but I use IFTTT to log all my data to Google Sheets for archive purposes.

Weathercloud does not seem to support WF stations…

FYI, weewx has WF support, :blush: and has an option to feed Weathercloud:


Is there a way to get past the size limit for google sheets? I tried this but was disappointed that the data was getting overwritten, or creating a new sheet each day, and thus the data was difficult to work with.

I have had the same issue with Google sheets . . . so I have stopped using them entirely.

I am currently using Weather Display (by one of the developers on this forum . . . @weather-display byname) which provides logging, a nice display and great reports.

I also use WFArchiver (by @GaryFunk - another developer on this forum) because I am an old SQL kind of guy and this one logs all data to an SQL database on a Raspberry Pi.

There is also Weather34 (by @Weather34 - also a developer on this forum) and WEEWX . . . among may others.

Check them all out . . . I am sure you will find one that meets your needs.


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I was hoping to find something that doesn’t require an instance of linux, or a separate web server. Correct me if i’m wrong, but don’t all the above listed options require one or the other?

It would be really nice to have something that runs locally on Windows. Better yet, I would hope that the native WeatherFlow app will someday keep an archive and some yearly/monthly statistics such as total rainfall, high wind gust, high/low temp, etc.

Weather-Display has a Windows version (I happen to use the Mac os/x version).

I like WFArchiver because it collects data on a Raspberry Pi so my PC or Mac is not tied down to collect the data. The whole Pi setup cost about $60.

Good luck with your search . . . I am sure you will find the tools you need.


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Thats the reason I went along the path of developing my own app.Runs on a cheap windows tablet, Small and unobtrusive. Logs data locally,Splits logged data into monthly files Whats more If i decide I don’t like the layout, or find an error I know who to blame

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