Weather Underground Rain not publishing


Set my weatherflow up over weekend and am successfully publishing to weather underground, however there seems to be a problem with publishing rain info. Read somewhere that it is disabled at the moment awaiting an app upgrade.
Do you think you could configure this from your end, my stationID is
IEXUMAEX6 with an ID of 4e390c03

Many thanks

Search for WeatherUnderground and you find many answers.

I did and it said no rain publishin for new stations until app upgrade. But also said you guys can do it for me


Norman Wells

The Cays

Send an email to

You will find that many of us have dumped WeatherUnderground because it has become such a crappy service.


Welcome to the community, Norman. If you haven’t already, please open a ticket with or and someone will help you out ASAP.

I am new so please forgive my ignorance but where is everyone going?

I’m going to Saigon as soon as it cools down.

There is no where else to go and their service is excellent


Norman Wells

The Cays

Doing my best Dr. Sheldon Cooper impression, “Is that sarcasm???”

WU started going downhill after being purchased by The Weather Channel, and has become a train wreck since IBM bought them up and started re-writing everything while eliminating basic functionality.

Unfortunately, WU is the only external service supported natively by WF and several other consumer PWS products.

Take a look at WeeWX (or any of the other third-party WF applications) for lists of alternate sites that will gladly take your data. I’m sending from WeeWX to APRS/CWOP (used by the US NWS), AWEKAS, PWSweather, and a few other services that I can’t think of off the top of my head…

4 Likes too and and (NL/BE) too for me with weewx


There is also CWOP, Open Weather Map and PWSNetwork.

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