Integrate with OpenWeatherMap

New owner here.

Is there a way to send my Tempest data to OpenWeatherMap? When I go to the settings, I only see an option for WeatherUnderground.

You will need a third party application that capture the UDP traffic from your hub and uploads to the OpenWeatherMap. WeeWX can do this with an addon “driver”. I am sure there are other applications that can do this, too.


New owner. What is WeeWX?

more info regarding weewx

And there is a plugin to read the local data from your station into it (udp stream)


There is an entire section on third-party applications that may prove to be helpful to you.

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I was hoping for something out of the box like the integration for WeatherUnderground.

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Native integration with other services has proven to have its own issues. If one is supported, others are expected to be supported and that model has proven to be costly and unrealistic.