SMS/email triggers at user defined sensor thresholds

Subject: SMS/email triggers at user defined sensor thresholds

Hi there.

I just came across Weatherflow and it may be just what I’ve been looking for to use in Costa Rica. A traditionally designed station may not stand up very well to interactions with abundant wildlife species.

However, I don’t see anywhere (I hope I didn’t miss it searching) if the app can be configured to trigger SMS’ and emails when defined sensor thresholds are met.

For our locality, it’s particularly important to be warned about high wind and/or rainfall intensities. It’s a green area (tree crowns may break up) with landslides and raging streams in the rainy season.

A suggestion is also if you could make a dataset available to be accessed by prospective buyers to allow test run of the interface (I do realize that the software may be undergoing significant changes these days).

Congratulations with what looks like a terrific product.


It has IFTTT integration.

You can view a sample station here.

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That was a quick response - many thanks. I’d have to find out what it takes.

And the question about test runnig the app?


Feel free to ask any questions. You will get a lot of answers from those that use third-party integration.

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Hello @pachuquear,

The link that @GaryFunk sent you will show you a station through the Web interface (almost identical to the App interface in its functionality).

The WeatherFlow station should stand up well to your wildlife as long as it is mounted securely (i have relatives in Heredia so I have seen a lot of the CR wildlife).

Rather than reinventing the entire weather software world, WeatherFlow has made it so that the station data can integrate well with other third-party software (like IFTTT that Gary mentioned along with many others).

The WeatherFlow staff and this user community is very responsive to questions.

Hope you join us as a station owner.



IFTTT works great. When the ambient temperature goes above 45 deg C my QNAP server/NAS shuts down :+1: