Universal Devices ISY Integration

I just finished a little project to get wind alerts so I don’t ignore a good day of sailing because I’m heads down in some other project!

I wrote it up on my blog if anyone is curious how it all went down. I need to modify my code slightly. It works, but it has a bug in how it determines whether to send a message or not. I get more messages than I should at this point.

The short version, though, is that I have a program using REST commands to get the current observation from my WeatherFlow. Then I use Unix CUT commands to trim the result to just the Wind Gust observation. If that value is higher than the last observation then send me a text message using the Universal Devices ISY.

In the near future, I will probably add geofencing to the logic so that I only get alerts if I am at home. No need to tease me with good wind if I can’t be around to take advantage!

Using the ISY isn’t really needed, of course. I could have sent the message from my Linux box. But I have all my smart-ish notifications get sent from the ISY, so I wanted this to use it as well. Also, in the future, I see other integration ideas. I can use the WeatherFlow data to determine if I can hold off running the irrigation for my yard.