Sharing with neighbors / also get same notifications (lightning, rain)

Replaced my ambient with a WeatherFlow. Love it so far.
I live in a condo, and have many snowbird neighbors who are actually upset with me for “taking down the spinny thing.” Even though I left up the dead ambient for too long, apparently, a bunch of them liked being able to watch the anemometer. Some are in disbelief that this model also checks the wind since they can’t watch “the spinny thing”! :laughing:
I know I can share the WeatherUnderground page w/them w/an updated station ID, but the problem with WU is that even if you stand right next to the WeatherFlow and use GPS location services, it finds a station that’s about 2 miles away. I’ll never understand that. And my neighbors think I somehow control that.
I see the share option in the app in the lower right corner.
My question about that is this: if you give that to someone, can they then put a shortcut on their phone so they can 1) see the same data as the WeatherFlow owner and 2) get the same notifications on lightning and rain?
I’ve used a labelmaker to stick the WU station ID on the pole the WeatherFlow Sky is mounted to for those who are interested. But I do have some neighbors who would want to see this information we get in the WeatherFlow app.
They really liked looking up the old station while they were safe up north while Hurricane Irma came through here.
Appreciate any help you can offer.
Dani in Naples

Just give them the link, where XXXX would be replaced with your station ID. Maybe use your label maker to put the URL on the pole?


Yes! Thank you!
That’s EXACTLY what I needed, Jim.
I certainly appreciate your response.
Thanks so much!

Only problem, I just learned with someone testing it for me is that it asks them to sign in. I was hoping for an option where they just saw the information, no registering for anything, no signing in, nothing like that.

sure you gave the link as mentioned (without …xxxx/grid) at the end


xxxx = your station number and nothing behind it

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I did, but I’ll have her come down to show me what she’s got later tonight.
Thank you both so much!

in addition you must make your data publicly available.


I have the same problem with WU showing my location - not as far off as yours, but not right either. WF has it in exactly the right position, within a few feet.

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@Dani @eric
the “/grid” at the end shouldn’t matter

Can you paste the exact link you are sharing with others? Thanks!

By the way, the share link is simply a web page. In order for someone to get notifications on alerts like lightning or rain start, they will need to be signed in to the Smart Weather app on the same account where the station is set up.

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@eric @jim.wn1x @WFstaff

Thanks to everyone who is trying to help. This is the link:

I don’t want them to have to log in on my account for notifications on things like lightning. If they can access the PWS via the 4708 link, would they be able to get those notifications?

If know I have this shareable link via, but that does not provide the alerts, correct?

Thanks to everyone who is trying to help me solve this. And @kevin.e86, I don’t know what WU’s deal is regarding GPS location. Funny thing, if I use it and it takes me two miles away, I actually know the people who own that station. But why it can’t locate MINE when I’m between my house and the station?:woman_shrugging:

No, it’s just a web link. They need to be signed in to the account for their mobile device to receive push notifications from the station via the app.

The station link does not end in your Hub’s serial number. The station ID is unique. Here is your station link: Tempest


I guess that’s where the confusion was. That’s on me.
I thought they were two separate things when I saw the four XXXXs earlier in the responses. It was my mistake in thinking that the four-digit hub serial number was what I needed to enter to share it, not the 11724.

Okay, so now that’s solved.

So if my neighbors want push notifications on lightning or rain, they would need to be signed in to my account; they do not have a way to make their own account and link it to station 11724, correct?

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Using your 11724 link, your neighbors can access your station data (no login req’d), but they cannot access settings (which require login), etc. Further, they will not receive push notifications from our system…as they are anonymous and we wouldn’t even know where to send an alert. :wink:

That said, you can setup some really crafty alerts via IFTTT. You can easily set thresholds (like high temp warnings) to send alerts or even post to a Twitter feed that your neighbors use. See: Tempest Weather System Integrations - Connect Your Apps with IFTTT for a potpourri of options.


The second or further account idea was already discussed:

But since then, I have 't heard about progress in the multi accounting idea… :thinking:

Sorry but I dont see an applet in IFTTT for tweeting weatherfowdata

What about these examples?

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I use some of these but i cant autotweet to my @apeldoornmeteo account on Twitter :sunglasses:

another way to achive is to use weewx and this plugin ??

or use a meteobridge as it seems able to push to Twitter


Thanks i ve a look at weewx

Another alternative is to use a 3rd party app like btstWx (shameless plug). Your neighbors can view your live data, all they need is your station ID.

Currently it does not support Notifications (as typical notifications are expected), but there are features for alerting the user to rain start/lightning/etc.

Available for Android and iOS… and in a free and paid-PRO version.