Sharing Weather Data with Neighbors

I want to share my weather station’s reports with the people in my neighborhood. What’s the best way to tell them how to access the data? By providing a Google URL Shortener shortened link to my Weather Underground page? Or is there a better way to share the information?

Are there other websites where WeatherFlow stations can upload their data to besides Weather Underground?

One way is to actually share your station link.


Just press the share icon and share the link.


I share mine with a website, the wf link, and about 4 other web sites.

Hi @rjfox . All WeatherFlow stations include a free webpage to share. Users can access the custom webpage URL to copy/share a few ways:

  1. As @GaryFunk noted, tap the ‘share’ icon in the lower right corner of the app screen to send the URL via text, email, Slack, etc.
  2. On a browser, use your WF credentials to log into . You will see the share URL noted at the bottom of the page to copy/share.
  3. The share URL structure is like this: . Just substitute your station ID 4-digit number where it says “4816”.

Here’s a general question. I changed the name of my devices, removing the names ‘Sky’ and ‘Air’. So at this point the devices themselves don’t actually have a name. I’m assuming that this doesn’t mess up the CL process in any way. No other changes were made.

I would expect, you are right.
From my site of view, all WF-data processing and handling refers to the deviceid as unique identifier (in data base language called primary index).
As no user is able to change this, once device is connected to a station (without deleting all data) the modification of names will not effect any internal data handling and analysis process.

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