Sharing my station data to weather websites

To share data to Weather Underground, it asks for station ID and key. Is Station ID the web address for my station? Is the key what’s on the bottom of my station, or something else? Thank you

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Not sure via what you try to share but

if it is via third party application most probably you need to make an account with WU and ‘create’ a station, you will get a station ID with letters (sometimes a number in it) and an unique key so you can send to WU from that application.

for ex my WU account gave me as satation ID : I31BOISD3 and in my station settings you see a key unique to a station as you can have several linked to your account , my keys are 8 characters long (letters and numbers)

I redacted out my key

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 20.01.06

Best guess this is what you need to send data via a third party application

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