Request for Additional IFTTT Integration Features

The triggers provided by the Weatherflow IFTTT service are nice but some additions would be very helpful

  1. There is a trigger for the start of rain but no trigger to tell you when the rain stops (i.e. no more rain for a period of time after which more rain detected would cause another trigger of rain starting). I have motorized windows in my home that are opened and closed automatically for cooling the home when the inside temperature of the home is warmer than the outside temperature (typically in the evening). The opening of windows needs to be suspended when it is raining. I can suspend the opening of windows when I get a rain detected trigger from the weatherflow but I have no idea when to restart operation because it has stopped raining.

  2. The new observation trigger does not include any information about accumulated rain over the last 24 hours. This would be useful to judge whether to suspend operation of an irrigation system.


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Great suggestion and hope very much when time permits this can be added to the IFTTT road map. :+1:


Do you use a home controller or are you strictly Internet cloud based for control?

Hi Gary

I have a Crestron system that runs my home. I programmed Crestron systems professionally for many years so my system has more advanced features and automation then you typically find in residential automation systems. Some of them are a little on the mad scientist side😀



You should write a driver for Crestron to capture the UDP data and then you can manage your windows locally.

I wrote the driver for RTI XP controllers.

Thanks. I could but I am so backed up with projects I just don’t have the time right now. I wrote the Crestron driver IFTTT and it works fine. I also think that the suggestions I made would be beneficial for others.