IFTTT Rain Amount Trigger

I’d like to create an IFTTT integration between my Rachio sprinkler controller and my Weatherflow Tempest system. I want the integration to be that the sprinkler will not run if the Tempest detected an accumulation of X amount of rain or more yesterday. However, it appears that the only option for creating an integration with a rain trigger is if Tempest detected any rain at all.

I don’t want to have my sprinklers skip their schedule when I get 0.01 inches of rain.

What would have to be done to enhance the Tempest IFTTT options to provide a trigger for X amount of rain detected?

Just a heads-up that you can do that natively in the Rachio app…

Thanks. I was aware of that feature. However, that depends on the weather station selected. The nearest weather station to me is 15 miles away and the rain total varies significantly from there to my house. Ideally I’d be able to select my Tempest station as the weather station in the Rachio app but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

It is an option. Register your station with PWS Weather or CWOP and it will show up after a few days in the PWS area of the Rachio app.

@bchelbig Yes, it absolutely is possible. Please take a good look at the image I posted above. In the map, you can see the icon for our Rachio V3 and the icon for our Tempest. Right below, you can see our weather station (Tempest) selected and zero miles as the distance. Our Tempest is registered on WU. Our Rachio is pulling the weather information it needs from there. Just like you, we wanted our Rachio to use the data from exactly where we were, not a regional average or a PWS two miles away from us. If you get stuck, just post here and someone will try to help you. This community is great at helping everyone out!


you could simply assume (not always true of course) then when it rains, it rains at least 0.01"

Thanks for the help, everyone. I added my station to WU. Unfortunately, I have a Rachio Gen 2 which needs to pull data from PWS rather than WU. So, I’ve requested help from someone in the Rachio community group with linking my WU station to PWS.

There are 3rd party apps that will allow upload to PWS, WU, CWOP and others…

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Thanks for the info. Do any of those 3rd party apps use their own server to post the data or would I have to set up my own?

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Not sure about all of them, but my wxConsole does not use any server. It allows you to setup the config file to point to PWS and/or CWOP, pulls the data from your local network (via the HUB) and pushes to the appropriate website (PWS or CWOP). No server needed.

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ArchiveSW has a server built-in that can be adapted to communicate with other systems.