Rachio new integration

I see Rachio has added a tighter integration to the Tempest in their latest app release except you need a special code to activate it and according to the app the only way to get it is to purchase the Tempest from Rachio. Anyone heard anything about if current owners of both Rachio and Tempest will get access?

Check this thread on Rachio community.


I received the same reply from the Rachio support Team

I was able to link the Tempest to Rachio with “hardware integration id” provided by the WeatherFlow Support. Hats off to their support.


how did you go about getting this “id”? Where did you submit the request?

Sent an email to Weatherflow support.

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Regarding the code you need to link your Tempest system to the Rachio system.
As bobbyD said, for now you can also get your code via Weatherflow. As this is personal you need to contact our support . You will be helped out rapidly.
Share your experience regarding this integration with us. Always interesting to read what real time users think about it. :slight_smile:


I emailed WeatherFlow support and they sent me the instructions(link to Rachio website) and the code needed to integrate the two. It was very easy.

Just a quick update from Rachio side. They can provide a different id that according to their staff, it fully enables the (local) integration on their side.

So far the integration is very smooth on the Rachio side. Cannot wait to make use of the “hyper-local data” provided by WeatherFlow :wink:

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New member here. Just wanted to also confirm that with the help from our support center I was able to obtain the code required to connect to the Rachio.

I contacted Support for the hardware integration code and am very happy that it is using Weatherflow directly instead of using the Underground Weather info, where my Tempest was also showing.


I contacted WeatherFlow Support, and Eric of support emailed me back within 30 minutes with the Hardware Integration Code. Great support!

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I’ve been using Weather Underground for Rachio integration. Wunderground data is coming from my Davis Vantage Pro at my same location. Is new integration better or different in some way other than the obvious source difference (Davis vs Tempest)?

Edit: Obviously the data is likely to be somewhat different. I’m curious as to how the data is transported. Is there a direct connection across my home network between the two devices, or is the data going up to servers and back in both cases?

Did any of you guys get the integration with Rachio to work properly? My Rachio iOS app shows that my Tempest is integrated and is being used for hyper-local data. I can see Tempest weather data inside my Rachio app. But, whenever there is a Rain Skip, the Rachio app decides to pick a nearby WUnderground station (not even a Tempest hardware) as the source for rain data. The little notification that explains the reason for the Rain Skip shows the ID for that WUnderground station.
What is the point of integration if Rachio just picks another station on its own?

Have you tried to contact them via their support, this is something we can’t really trace for you : Dedicated Pro Support

They use our api to integrate the Tempest data but from there it is their application. At least they should be able to see what happens under the hood their side.