IFTTT rain notifications

Holy s… The only reason I bought this stuff: get notifications when it starts raining, and what is missing at IFTTT? guess what… OMG, that’s so stupid… Please add this, please

No need to be so rude.


On a side note; Am I the only one that has Never used IFTTT?


Hello @michael.bladowski,

I just tried to create an IFTTT applet to notify me of the start of rain and I found that it was no problem to create such an applet (see screen shot below). I was using the IFTTT app on an iPhone X to build the applet. Please take another look and let us know if there is still an issue.





i went to the ifttt website and there you get a list of things you can do, at the end of the website, there is as “more” button, you click on that… you see more (wow)… then you get some other applets… at the very end, again, there is a “more” button… i clicked every of them till the “more” button doesn´t appear any longer. i didn´t saw any rain applet there, so please try to understand, that i was thinking: WTF :wink: if this is a IFTTT website problem: sorry. i will check the app…

Don’t blame WeatherFlow because IFTTT is a mess.

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Would you give full control of your house and online accounts to a total stranger, who has no visible source of income and lives in a loft in a trendy/expensive retail area of San Francisco? (Obviously, I’m not a member of the over-sharing Facebook generation!) I downloaded the app, and it asked for way too much access (IMO) to my data for no appreciable benefit…so I removed it. I’m not a fan of cloud-based IoT in general…


The ONLY cloud based device in my entire home automation system is Amazon Alxa and I only have it because it’s enjoyable. And I don’t depend on it for and tasks.

please don´t cry, everything will be fine, after rain comes sun… :roll_eyes:

I haven’t cried since I rolled down the hill at Königstuhl.

logged in at IFTTT i see this rain trigger… thanks for showing me your screenshot, I’m super relieved now :+1:


I’ve got IFTT installed, and weatherflow linked, and also set up an applet to alert me when wind gusts go over a threshold. However, i’m not getting any notifications. Any ideas?


I too am IFTTT “dumb”. Never used it… not sure I ever want to!


I only use one cloud service. Alexa, and only because it’s a novelty and it’s purpose is to bring the outside world to me.

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IFTT is simple to use. I have had applets running for my Netatmo station for years.

It simply doesn’t want to work with weatherflow. I have everything checked an enabled, but zero notifications come through.

hi tina i use it see attached screen … i find really good on ipad and iphone , i disable the sound in the notification .its really quite easy to setup try lowering the threshold , try some others like temp, humidity to see of they kick in

image image

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Thanks Brian.

I tried the Lux and temp threshold ones, they work. The wind one doesn’t work. No idea why! I set it to notify me of a 10+ mph gust, but no notifications. Just to confirm, it’s gusting between 15 and 20mph here. :sleepy:

20mph lucky you its a daily thing here whole of august was only one day below 22mph and now september 8th day in a row of thunderstorms… i can see the wind preset options in IFTTT app ill try it later and connect a sky to see if it works…

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it doesnt work for any wind data by the looks of it .tried below and above thresholds went has low as 1kmh and tried average option,gust options .image image

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Thank’s for testing Brian.

That’s a shame. That was a notification I liked to use the most. I wonder what side the problem lies on? IFTT or WF?