IFTTT applet stopped today, can't restart

My IFTTT logging applet, a modification of the standard one, stopped working this afternoon and I can’t seem to get it restarted. It’s connected, but the activity log shows its last run as 2:19 PM. I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting to no avail, and the standard logging applet won’t trigger either. I’m a novice with respect to IFTTT so I’m at a loss for additional troubleshooting. Any suggestions?


OK, I’m not the only one.

I noticed my dashboard, which gets my Tempest data through IFTTT stopped working at 11:18 a.m. Pacific time today. I decided to create a new, simple IFTTT to email me when a new observation occurs, and that’s not working either. Something is broken.


Even no update to Weather Underground for the past 10 hours!!! May be server issues.

Looks like it came back up at 1:04am East Coast time.

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Yes, WU data update is back online now.

Just had an update from the server guru’s

We had a system update yesterday that probably caused the WU and IFTTT outage. There was an outage from Thu Sept 28 18:20 UTC to Fri Sept 29 5:00 UTC. Both of these look good now.

Once more our apologies for this as we are upgrading systems.

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Thanks to all who replied!

noticed this too, glad i came to the forum!

I have had the same issue many times with a Kasa/Tempest integration but have come to the conclusion that it is an IFTT problem. I have an applet that turns a light on or off based on brightness reading from Tempest. I have had to delete the applets and build again and then they work again (for a while). Sometimes IFTT logs errors and sometimes it just stops running for no apparent reason. I have opened a case with IFTT support twice but that has led nowhere.

I don’t think it’s just ifttt as I didn’t get a tempest alert until I opened the app. Then Iftt triggered.

Similar issues with Kasa’s endpoint as well but their app is a mess too.

It’s Jan. 17, 2024 and got an alert my IFTTT applet was turned off. Was there a tempest update that broke it?

IFTTT seemed to break for me today as well (3/21/24). It seemed to work between Jan and today.

@eric my applets quit working. In the history it doesn’t show that the applet failed multiple times, it just shows the trigger failed and stopped. Most of my triggers are when new data is received from my tempest.

Are there any server issues with weatherflow?

My data logging applet also stopped two days ago. Been unable to get it going again.

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And started working again (on its own) yesterday.