IFTTT Integration question

I am trying to set up the Tempest to work with IFTTT and Google sheets to import
the data log to Google Sheets. Has anyone done this and can please share the
process how it works?

there is a post in announcements with links

From there you should find your happiness :slight_smile:

I already enabled some existing applets, but I am unable to get the Google Sheets
existing Applet to work. Do you have any instructions for Google Sheets to be able
to import the data logs?

I just started it up again as I don’t use it

logged in with my google account, activated the applet, defined what station to use and units and save.

it writes nicely to mydrive/IFTTT/Weatherflow/Smart Weather station data


The Applet keeps getting turned off. Maybe it is not setup correctly.

Do you have a sample how to correctly set it up?

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Guess nothing special
You have enough space on your drive ? Plus I think it will make a new sheet every 10k rows if I remember

THanks and what about the spreadsheet, do I have to set it up as well?

no, if it exists it’ll write to it, else it creates it.

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Then I dont know why it dont work. It disconnects every time I try after about 20 minutes.
I even created a spreadsheet and the settings are all correct.

I’m not a regular user of ifttt but it is happily running for 45 minutes already with no gaps …

@tech-gurus : anyone with more knowledge has any idea what can drop the link ???

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This is what I get every time, but I actually found the spreadsheet and its logging data

Hi hgroth,

Your Applet has been turned off. It may need to be updated or the services it uses may need to be reconnected. For more information, view your activity logs.

Log data every 1minute to Google Sheets file. Columns = Timestamp, AirTemp, Humidity, Pressure, WindAvg, WindDir, WindLull, WindGust, Rain, UV, Brightness, SolarRadiation, LightningStrikeCount, HeatIndex, DewPoint, WetBulbTemperature, DeltaT, AirDensity, TimestampEpoch, StationName

August 07 2020 at 10:04AM

For further assistance, visit our Help Center.


Now the connection stays active but the Applet fails every time


Besides my Google sheets getting disconnected after about 20 minutes, I still have the network error issue and I have turned off Bluetooth in the App settings.

We had some discussion about problems with the IFTTT missing records in this thread: IFTTT Smart Weather Applet
cheers Ian


Thanks for your assistance. Every time I start the Applet it fails and all I get is “there was a problem running this action”.

It doesn’t even create a spreadsheet. Where do I start with trouble shooting this?