Would you be interested in being able to download data directly from the tempestwx.com website?

I don’t know if there is a special discussion, if it already exists you can also delete this, no problem !!

The idea would be to have the possibility to download the data collected by the station, daily, weekly, etc. or even at the user’s choice (perhaps from a certain time to a certain time) directly from the tempestwx.com site.

It would also be useful to be able to choose the time interval with which to download the data, then 1-2-3-4-5- etc minutes !!

Although the API is there to interface with other third party programs, they made a very easy test page where you can download the data as Comma Separated Values. Just click on the API in the menu at the top of the page you are reading.

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I saw what you said, ok it could be an alternative, but for example something like the one I am attaching would be more convenient.
For example, you can easily use it in Excel, without having to work on it too much !!

I enclose an example of another station brand: Loading Google Sheets

could this be a starting point for you ?

the cvs output of that API you can just save into a file and open into excel. But perhaps the automated suggestion of eric is more suitable for you.

I already use this applet, but in my case that I would need the sampled data every 5 minutes is a big problem, for the moment I am going to select each data every 5 minutes, but it is really long and heavy to do. I would need to graph this data every 5 minutes !!

perhaps you can write a script in google sheets that will do that for you. (i never wrote a script for google sheets, but I know it has the capability of running scripts)

I don’t know how to do this, I don’t know where to start, I can try to do it if maybe someone explains it to me !!

it is explained here Extending Google Sheets  |  Apps Script  |  Google Developers, but if you never have done any programming it might be hard.

no, never made programming !!

I sense the same frustration that I’ve had with this issue of easily retrieving data from a Tempest station. I purchased Weather Display and find it a good solution for my needs. I had some bumps during the early time of using it until I got my dedicated PC configured correctly. I happily store the log files externally and capture a preset report for monthly display of the data I want to see.