[API] Ability to download all historic data

I would like to be able to download a months or years worth of Tempest data. To collect, store, and analyze via spreadsheet/database on my pc.

This may not be perfect but should work. There is an IFTTT routine for Tempest to record your station readings every minute in a Google Sheet. It only records redings from the time you turn on the routine so other history is not available but it should mostly give you what you want.

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I will look into this. But, I request that data logging and downloading for external use be a feature baked into the wetherflow software.

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I think a separate page on the server to select the data is a good idea. The API calls are on place so it would not take long to make that happen.

You are aware there are third-party applications that allow this.


Iā€™m not. t would be nice to have a sticky somewhere that lists things like that.

There is. Just go to the Third Party group.

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