Apple TV App with Weather Data from my Station

Has anyone found an Apple TV app that will display the weather data either via an API pull of from WU?


Been thinking about AppleTV and others…
I have an iOS/Android app that does this… will look into porting to aTV and see how it goes.


That would be great, looking forward to it.

For those of us with aging eyes and an Apple TV collecting dust, this would create a most excellent 46-inch PWS display on the living room wall… :+1:


I just had an interesting thought. Does Apple TV expose a screen saver API that could be used to display PWS data when the box is sitting idle??? :thinking:


Not that I know of but I am not a developer.

Just got my Tempest. Everything is great. The FAQ section said there were apps for Apple TV and Apple Watch. More interested in the Apple TV app. I did a search and cannot find. Comment to boost post and add vote.

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Great to have a AppleTV app and compatible with HomeKit…

Carrot has rolled out its Apple TV app, but so far it does not include their subscription services, which on iPhone and Apple Watch can include data from personal weather station. They say they are working on updating their Apple TV app to do the same. Love to have that option from WeatherFlow for Tempest. Thanks.

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Any update on an AppleTV app from Tempest or a HomeKit integration? Would love it on my 80” TV in my shop!


Anyone have any updates on an AppleTV integration?

Any update on AppleTV app for Tempest users?