Better interface to display on IPads?

Hi, I’ve installed yesterday my weather flow replacing my old Acurite. It’s great, but the App is not that “pretty” to Display at home on my iPad. It also does not completely fit the display and cuts off some of it at the bottom. I’m sure it can be improved for this purpose. IMG_20180826_100347

i don’t have an ipad, but the obvious question is, did you try portrait mode?

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I was thinking the exact same thing. My 7" Android tablet hanging on the wall (smaller screen than iPad) serving as a 24/7 weather station console is in portrait mode, and has more than enough vertical screen space to show all of the important cards in the app without scrolling.

My suggestion for a simple fix is to go with the third-party app by, link in the third-party section of the forum…


Another tip is that you can drag/drop the order of the cards on the app’s screen, and turn off the forecast card from the settings menu…

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Hi All, thanks for the suggestions. I tried portrait but the power connector is then in the way. And the connector doesn’t look nice when upside. I’ll have also a look at the third-party section, thanks for the advise.

I’ve got it just there for my little daughter, so she can look and touch… she’s very interested in it. :slight_smile: