Ethernet Port on Hub for Tempest

Is there any plan to add Ethernet to the hub? The hub works well over wireless but having the option to hardwire it into a switch would be amazing.

being hardwired via ethernet has many advantages over WiFi allowing placement of the hub without having to worry abiut proximity to a router would be the main reason I would think of buying a Tempest weather station – also having the ability to have indoor temperature/humidity reading as well would allow one to use IFTTT to control humidifiers / dehumidifiers to help control ones inside enviornment for health concerns

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The hub can be pretty far away from the tempest itself, so you can try and place it within range of a wifi router. If it really turns out to be a problem, you could always buy a super cheap access point. If that is a deal breaker for you, you need to use a different brand weather station.

unfortunately a WiFi signal has a much greater possibility of having data corrupted than a hardwired system which is the main reason I prefer to have all devices in my network wire connected VS connected by open air RF!!!

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true, but on the other hand I’ve never had corrupted data from my weather station, at least not that I know of. Not 200 degrees celsius or anything like that. So yes, what your are saying is true, but not a problem in practice, at least not in my house.

+1 on the Ethernet hard-wired hub. And I will raise it a request for Power Over Ethernet (PoE) to run the hub off the switch. I my home, the switch is on UPS so it would survive a power outage, provided it is less than the 1 hour I have of battery time on my UPS.

I would not think these hubs move around much in their installed locations, so a hard wire, especially if you have an Ethernet jack nearby is a good idea.

Plus, it reduces the number devices on your wireless access points. I am a network architect, so I kind of know what I am doing when it comes to deploying wireless. I see people with one wireless all-in-one router sitting in a room, somewhere, and expect their 5 Firesticks, kids’ iPads and everyone’s phones, work laptops, plus everything else in their home to all share that single integrated access point. I have 4 access points in my house and everything that can be wired is wired. I leave wireless for things that want to walk about.

Think of a hub as a room full of people all wanting to talk to each other. Everyone cannot talk at once or no one is going to understand each other. Think of a wired switch as that same room of people but separated by cubical walls and having phones to make direct contact with whoever they want to talk to.

Granted, I cannot see the amount of bandwidth used by this as a large amount, but still.


I was wondering if any more thought had been put into this by the weatherflow team. Ethernet is a highly desired feature in this day and age given the insane number of wifi devices the average home now has.


I am joining with a request to implement PoE technology.

This means integrating the Ethernet port into the Tempest Hub, and integrating Power over Ethernet (802.3af).

My two installations have PoE switches, backed up by UPS power supplies, absolutely ideal for powering the HUB in the event of a loss of mains power.

I’m sure some would argue it’s a niche request for PoE, but owning a weather station is already niche. Would be nice to chuck a single cable to the hub and be done.

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