Federated time series data for a station?

I note that it is possible to request a time series of data (rather than just the latest observation) from a particular device, as for example in the following request:


Not being too knowledgeable (yet) of weatherflow products, my understanding is that this is for a specific device, and that each station can have a number of devices.

It also appears that for a station you can requested a federated set of current observations covering all devices for that station (there may be some overlap):



Is it possible to request a time series of federated data for a station, like you can for a device? Or do you have to first look up the devices associated with a station, then fetch the time series for each device, and then perform the merging (to eliminate duplicated data) manually… possibly quite tricky without detailed knowledge of what each parameter means?

As far as I am aware this is not currently possible. The API end point for the latest federated observation for a Station cannot take the time_start/time_end/day_offset parameter in order to generate a time series. As you mentioned, you will need to first fetch historical observations using the device API endpoint, and then you can switch to the station endpoint for all new observations.

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IIRC… WF stated a while back that Federated API data is on the near horizon…

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