Icon Temperature Display

It would be nice if the current temperature could display on the icon when the app is closed.

Hi John,
If you have any votes left you could vote for your request.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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it would avoid the need to open the app if all we want is the currenttemperature

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Have it running all the time and from the notification bar when swiped to see notifications it is displayed with the basic info already

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I would love the option of being able to view user selected data in the notification panel at the top of you mobile device so you never need to open the app to see data. For most it would likely be the current temperature they would want displayed on the notification panel, for me I would like to view the wind speed & direction.

This is what is shown in the notification panel:

Just enable the feature in settings.

Thank you. But my request is to have the current temperature show on the app icon so you wouldn’t need to open the app to get it.

I understand what you said. Note that the ongoing notification is not the app. It is in the notification panel where your other notifications are.

If you don’t mind a double width icon just use this widget instead of the app icon.
Screenshot_20220718-223137_Microsoft Launcher

Thank you for that suggestion.