Implausible high wind readings in Michigan Beryl aftermath

The remnants of Beryl came through overnight. We had A LOT of rain, and it got breezy. But my Tempest reported gusts up to 100mph. Pretty sure that wasn’t real! Is it true that when it rains, the wind measurements become inaccurate? That would be very unfortunate, because it’s quite normal for the two events to occur concurrently.

It’s true that if a large amount of rain gets trapped in the wind gap (big rain drops, small puddles etc.), then yes, the wind readings will be biased (usually high). This is a ‘feature’ (drawback) of sonic wind sensors. Usually it clears up as soon as the wind blows the water out of the gap. There is a hydrophilic/hydrophobic (I can’t remember exactly which) coating in the wind gap and on the sonic sensors to try and minimise this issue as much as possible. I have only seen this happen during extreme rainfall events

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If the rain data was correct, the rainfall was approx 1"/hour around that time

The wind gap has a superhydrophobic coating. The hydrophilic coatings didn’t work as well.

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