Inconsistent Feels Like temp in WF app

Any thoughts on why the ‘feels like’ temp reading in the WF app is not consistent with actual readings?

This morning, my temperature reading was 78.1F, and Humidity was 82%. When looking at the app, the Feels Like temp was also 78.1F, but a quick glance at WU using my station’s reading showed the Feels Like at 90F.

Now about 2 hours later, the Feels Like is more in line with reality…


Feels like is calculated when temperature is 80 or above.

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Thanks Gary… I actually just deduced this from another set of posts a moment ago!

Pays to RTFM! :grinning:

In this case it’s RTFF.

There’s unfortunately no standard “feels like” formula. The one we use is simply the “heat index” if T is about 80F and “wind chill” if T is below 50F. Fully documentation is here: