iPad used as a permanent Tempest display

I’m using an old iPad 2, mounted on the wall, as a display for my Tempest data using the Weatherflow app. This works very well, except that very occasionally the display stops updating, and I have to minimise the app and relaunch it to show current information. I’m not sure if this is a ‘feature’ of the iPad or the app, but I’d like to fix it. Any ideas or suggestions?

I notice it will stop updating if the internet connection is lost… even momentarily. Have not seen it in other circumstances.

Thanks George. That might be it. Internet and Wi-Fi appear solid, but the iPad is quite old, so might have ‘hiccups’.


I have noticed the same. I now use btstwx and have not seen a reoccurrence.

Thanks. I’ve just downloaded it.

Do you have to make your weather station public to use btstwx app? Do you have the regular version or the pro version?

how do you keep your iPad from going to sleep mode?

Settings - General - Auto-lock - Never will keep it awake.

Also Weatherflow seem to have corrected the issue that caused their app to freeze from time to time. (I found the btstwx display a bit too fussy, so I’ve stuck with the Weatherflow display.)