Is binning the lightning distances really the best way to display that info?

@vreihen is correct. There are configuration parameters that can be tweaked at the chip level. On the AIR these parameters were set at the factory and can’t be changed once in the field. On the Tempest, these can be changed over-the-air to tune an individual lightning sensor for optimal performance.


On the topic of distances and the Franklin chip, have I ever asked my dumb question about how the AS3935 determines distance in three dimensions and C2G, G2C, and C2C scenarios? T-storms can be 7+ miles high, but the Franklin chip’s distances seem to be interpreted on a flat plane in many implementations…

oh, that’s pretty fancy.

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Thanks for clarifying. I can update the PiConsole accordingly.

I’m looking forward to seeing how lightning might change for Tempest apps :smiley: