IFTTT - Lightning distance threshold

Hi folks! Like the umidity threshold, how can I specity on IFTTT, to start a trigger only when my tempest detect sparks a specific distance range? For example, I have a applet that send me a Telegram message when my tempest detect lightning activities, even very far away from my home. I need to be alerted only when there is a lightning from 2 or less kilometers from my station.
Alex, Brazil

The AS3935 lightning sensor chip used by WF-Tempest and other consumer lightning detectors does not have the ability to determine range with any accuracy that can be trusted in life-or-death situations. Please do not treat it as a scientific instrument, or try to set strike distance filters…

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2 km or less? if lightning was that close, you can consider the thunder as a pretty accurate notification. you don’t need a fancy weatherstation for that :wink:


I mean, I am not interest, for example, to be alert of 40km far lighning using IFTTT, not Tempest. I would like to be able to limit the thereshold, to be alert only lightning below N distance, like we have regading umidity (What humidity threshold?).
Again, it is relate to IFTTT Tempest applet, not Tempest web interface.

I am satisfacted with lightning accuracy and it’s pretty close, comparing to weatherbut lightning alerts (https://www.weatherbug.com/alerts/spark).

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