Is there a free unlimited pollen API?

Hi everyone, sorry if this is not relevant, if it is then please tell me so and I will unshare it.

Basically, I am working on a free home and weather monitor called WeatherWorks with integration for tempest weather stations. It also has a pollen and AQI dashboard. Right now, I am using Open Weather Map API for AQI, and was using ambee ( for my AQI, but you only get a 15-day free trial. Does anyone know if there is a completely free API for pollen data like ambee has (no credit card required). It’s OK if it has rate limiting or anything, it just needs to be free.

Thanks in advance!

You can look into using the api provided by the EPA. I believe most services pull from them


@cmorello Thanks I will check those out and see if they work for me.

These unfortunately don’t have much pollen data for my area, like ambee does. It is mostly AQI data like pm2, ozone, etc. Thanks for your help, I’ll look around and try to find something. @cmorello Your answer will work for most people, so I will mark it as a solution. Thanks!

No worries. I’m not sure of something specific to pollen, but you might be able to find something useful here (though it isn’t realtime and is more “study” focused): Pollen | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Google also has a Pollen API, but I don’t know their limitations: Omówienie interfejsu Pollen API  |  Google for Developers which comes from Breezometer (google bought them) Pollen Data, Types & Information - Google Maps Platform

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Thanks! I found a free pollen API by AccuWeather and thanks I’ll go with that. Thanks a lot for your help!

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I used to screen-scrape IQAir … which isn’t the best option either

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