Is water pooling in the wind sensor a bad thing?

It was pretty misty today and I noticed puddles in the wind sensor—is that bad?

I’d post a picture but don’t see any such button!

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To upload a picture you use the upload button for that or even simpler, drag and drop. :upside_down_face:

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It’s usually bad if it pools actually on the sensor. If it’s just on the white part, no problem.

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Thanks… can’t post a picture from mobile evidently, but here’s what it looked like!

That shouldn’t be much of a problem as wind should be able to blow it off the plate. The reason the water beads so well on the plate is that there is a super-hydrophobic coating for just such a reason. Testing on earlier units demonstrated that a super-hydrophobic coating was the best in reducing false wind readings. There is some intelligence in the unit to reject erroneous readings though I’m sure some may still get through.