Issue tracking tools

I don’t see the public latitude and public longitude being returned in the REST API.

Also, trailing spaces are being added to the end of name and public_name. This is a bug I reported months ago. All strings should be left and right trimmed before that are saved in your database.


Thanks, Gary. That change is coming soon.

Thanks, that’s on our list too.


I used this long time ago, open source and easy to use

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We don’t have a public-facing, high-level issue tracker but we are using the #owners:bug-reports and #owners:feature-requests categories on this forum as much as we can. We try to cross-reference issues listed there against our internal product dev tools.

That in itself is an issue. Most users don’t read every topic when checking if an issue is reported.

It’s an item to consider for the future as we don’t know if bugs have been reported and actually seen by WeatherFlow.

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