JSON Parsing in Swift/XCode

Has anyone done any coding in Swift/XCode to parse JSON for display on a screen?

That’s beyond the scope of this forum.

Have you tried this:

yes currently building a desktop app to support davis hardware , i learnt the basics of swift and found using Visual Studio Code a dream-tool with many extensions to aid and simplifying compiling . i,would suggest learn the basics of visual studio code and you will find it far easier to compile error free code. i hope to release this next year sometime via the mac app store but like everything it takes time and commitment keeping upto date with mac OS and IOS releases



Same here. Working on releasing btstWx & Pro for Windows desktop and MacOS. Both will support WF and Davis.


This all looks great. Please pardon the oversight if the question was out of scope. I appreciate the answers though.

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As long as you get the information you need it’s all good.