Lightning detected with crystal clear sky?

I believe it is the first time it detects a lightning! Although weather forecast says it is going to have lightning tomorrow, … it’s not actually happened in the last hour with crystal clear beautiful sky.


Lightning is a very special topic and not easy to explain each time. The detector in our air module has routines to suppress false spikes (electric fence, plasma TV, start/stop of some heavy electric motors … the list is extremely long )

But sometimes one or two can slip by

We have already a topic where you could find some answers, advice : Reducing False Lightning Stroke Tip


Most likely, it is electrical impulse noise from something in your area.


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As yourself wrote

There will be as well a high density of electro magnetic dust around your home. Hence, it will be ongoingly difficult for the algorithms to filter all false even not to miss a lightning event.

I understand that similar thing should be happening from time to time.

Alexander Lai

if you have an old little portable am radio, just tune to a free frequency and listen to the spatter and clicks … and walk around the house, you’ll be surprised all the ‘noise’ there is that can trigger those lightning detection devices. Maybe by moving the detector a bit, you’ll have a better spot with less ‘noise’

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Thank you for your advice. That inspired me and I will try to walk around with the radio and see if anything “interesting” there. Most likely there should be some, like insect killer as it is quite common nearby.

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