Lightning Strike Data from Station Observation API Call

I searched through the forum but couldn’t find this information.

  1. It is obvious what the time frame of data in lightning_strike_count_last_3hr data element is. Can someone please explain what the time frame of the data is in the lightning_strike_count data element?

  2. What is the format of lightning_strike_last_distance? I’m guessing it is km but I want to make sure because even though units_temp on my station is set to “f” I still have to convert the data from centigrade to fahrenheit. So, I’m expecting that the data for lightning_strike_last_distance is also in metric format and I have to convert it to miles.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Item 1 is the number of strikes durning the last 60 seconds.

Item 2 is kilometers.

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Thanks Gary! I greatly appreciate the help

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