Local JSON endpoint

Would Weatherflow be open to consider a simple http://<local IP>/json endpoint on the Tempest hub, that would publish the same sort of data as the UDP stream? That would make integrating with a lot of local home automation software really simple, whereas the UDP stream always requires a bit more juggling to write an adapter. Just a thought!

Hi @edouard, I have converted this into a Feature Request so it is easier for the WF devs to keep track of requested features. Don’t forget to vote for your feature request as features with more votes are more likely to be implemented


The UDP broadcast is not super nice IMHO. I always put my IoT devices in a different subnet and there is no nice way to get the data then in another subnet. So you have my vote for this request :wink:

That’s really strange. I have five Hub’s on my network. Three Tempest Hub’s and Two Air/Sky Hub’s. I don’t the issues you describe. I also have a crap load of other wired and wireless devices.

UDP broadcast does not work across subnets without an additional process to repeat it - some routers can do it, but rarely on consumer products. I’m in the same boat at @cyril.jaquier, all my IoT devices are on a different subnet.

Put the Hub on the network with the devices that need it. Better yet get an RPi and let it do the work.

I killed two birds with one stone, instead of further propagating the unreliable nature of UDP across subnet boundaries, I’m taking the broadcast packets and pushing them to topics on a local MQTT broker that other things can subscribe to.

It would be nice though if there was a TCP listener on the hub that you could connect to and get the same messages as you do now via UDP packets. I would argue you could do it without an API even, just connect and you start receiving messages.

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No, I try to avoid putting my network devices (Google Home, my solar inverter, OctoPi, my Tempest, etc) in my local network. Anything that I don’t really need in my local network is put inside my IoT subnet.

Your approach is a nice workaround. I don’t know if this is from you but I might give it a try. I would like to bring some of my Tempest data to my OpenHAB instance for automation.

But indeed just a TCP connection to the hub that would receive the same data as via the UDP broadcast should do the job and be simple enough to implement on the Hub.

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No, that isn’t mine. While I plan on open-sourcing my collector, its not quite ready for that yet.


FWIW, my UDP listener can publish to MQTT easily, if you wanted to toss a small pi on the IoT subnet to do that job only. That’s how I feed my HA dashboard that integrates Weather Station data with Zwave door/window sensors etc.