Moving Tempest to a new location

I’ve had my Tempest installed in a temporary location for several weeks while deciding where to mount it permanently. What’s the best way to move it without the vibrations and gyrations causing false readings? If I disconnect the hub (base station), will that stop it from uploading data or does it buffer while it’s disconnected?

FWIW I think I’m going to use a low profile antenna mount on the roof ( I’ve been up on the roof to check the radiation coming off the shingles after hours of full sun, and it doesn’t seem like it being mounted so close to the roof will interfere.

Thanks for any advice.

Here is the order I would do things to minimize false rain:

  1. Unplug the hub.
  2. Take the Tempest off its mount and turn it off. This will make sure that it forgets the false rain it recorded while removing it from the mount.
  3. Get the new mount all setup and ready for the Tempest.
  4. Just before you put the Tempest on the mount turn the power on and quickly mount it. It will take a moment to boot up and if you are quick you can be done before it begins to record again.
  5. Go plug the hub back in.
  6. Verify that the Tempest is sending data to the hub and the station is working. Remember it takes a bit for the hub to boot up so don’t panic that the light on the hub doesn’t come on immediately when power is applied.

Hopefully that pipe is 1" pipe size and not exactly 1" as it will be too small for the pole mount. Also, realize that wind will be effected at that close to the roof.

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I’m moving mine several times a week while I figure out where to permanently mount it. I get false rain readings almost every time I move it, but Rain Check has cleared out those readings almost every time.

Can you please explain more specifically where Rain Check is and what you do to clear out, what I assume is the current days rain measurement caused by moving the Tempest. Thanks.

What I was trying to say is that I have Rain Check turned on, so it (Rain Check) will usually delete the false rain readings the next day. You can turn on Rain Check in the app under Settings->Stations->(Your Station)->Manage Devices->(Your Tempest ID)->Advanced where you will find a Rain Check switch to turn on or off. It’s kind of buried way down in settings.

Thanks. I see I do have rain check turned on. Not sure if it was on by default or I decided to turn it on. I’ve not found any documentation that walks through the settings. Some are clear to understand and others one would have no clue what it means.