Please add some links to the API page

It’s hard to find stuff if the good stuff is kinda buried in a maze of twisty little threads and FAQs and HOWTOs.

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Can you elaborate on what you want? I may be able to help you.

The point is there is no way other than luck to find the referenced page. Not in the faq. Not on any description of the api. Not on the south pages that ‘are’ there currently.

Sorry, but I am still confused at to what you are asking. Which page did you have an issue finding?

The API top-level page I would like tweaked is:

The pages I would like to see linked into there are:

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Done. Links to API, Release notes, derived formulas, etc .

Thanks for the request / suggestion @vinceskahan !


May I suggest that you ‘freeze’ that thread so no comment, no message can be added … please.

Done. Pinned and closed.

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