Push Severe Watches And Warnings In Tempest App

I’m not currently a Tempest owner but I’m seriously thinking about purchasing this unit. I think it would be a great idea to have the ability to have the app capable of alerting Tempest owners of severe weather per station location. The watches or warnings that came through the app would need to have a discrete sound so it would get a user’s attention from another room in the house. There is currently no weather station app on the market with this life saving feature.


I was thinking about this today and I have to agree. There should at least be a banner within the app that shows any active watches or warnings for the area within the Tempest.


This is a great idea but how will the applications know this information?

Probably the same way they get other weather information that isn’t from their Tempest network.

I’m sure Weatherflow has a source to receive watches and warnings. I really do think if they do implement this. The app would give a user a choice for a sound alarm of course different per watch or warning issued.


That works U.S. located stations. How will this work in the other 195?


Well the other countries aren’t U.S. based. Just as if another weather company was in different country and couldn’t provide U.S. based watches and warnings.


I still think this would be another great selling point to go along with the Tempest station.


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True. However, The Tempest is sold worldwide. The applications need to work for all users.

I agree this is a great feature to have but I personally don’t think it’s realistic. I do hope it gets added to the feature requests.

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A European wide warning system can be found here: https://www.meteoalarm.eu/. I don’t believe they issue the warnings, but they aggregate them from the meteorological organisations in each country.

Like @GaryFunk I like this idea, but it would be a real shame if functionality of the Tempest app/system started to become fragmented based on geography. We already have this with RainCheck, but Tempest is sold internationally and therefore the vast majority of features should also be available internationally.


WX underground does this, sends push notifications as well…seems easy. If you live in a country that does not send WX alerts you are not missing anything.

This hasn’t worked for me in years on my end.


For Canada, Environment Canada is responsible for weather alerts you can get them here : https://meteo.gc.ca/warnings/index_e.html there is also a rss feed available. But they do have a weather app that gives their weather predictions and observations as well as push weather alerts and warning.

3 countries with feeds for severe weather is better than one country for rain check.


Another option would be for the system to notify the owner of significant weather changes in a short period of time. In particular, ealy tornado warnings.

I really like this idea!

I would guess either 1) it’s own readings (Air pressure has dropped 1000 points in the last 2 minutes, a tornado is likely <>) or 2) Readings from other devices/services in the area…

I would also like to be able to receive and review weather alert notifications from within the Tempest App. As it currently stands, I have to rely on multiple apps to achieve this and would prefer to have just one app to deal with. At least, for now, I can use Weather Underground to get this and have it default to my weather station for details, but it doesn’t provide me everything I am looking for at a glance like the Tempest App does.

Reviving this. I think this would be an excellent tool to pair with our stations to monitor severe weather alerts, especially if we are far away (vacation/etc.).