Rain problem tempest

Just installed my tempest and it has been showing varying intensity of rainfall all day even though there isn’t a cloud in the sky. All the other data appear to be accurate. Does anyone have any insight,

search for false rain inside these forums. Plenty of advise. The most common source of false rain detects are birds or vibriations.

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Welcome to the Weatherflow community Khammondnm,

you might click on the tag (“false-rain”) below the title of this topic. I just added it, so all (I hope they are all tagged :wink: ) former topics dealing with false-rain will be listed. Maybe You will find some helpful hints within if not, don’t hesitate to ask here again.

I’ve noticed that after a rain event, the precipitation reads one value, but if I look at the history a day or two later, it reads a different value, so far a little higher, AI perhaps???

Do a search for RainCheck in the forums here…

Thanks. That makes sense.