RV Mounting of Tempest

Going to mount this on my RV. Has anyone done this? Suggestions for mounting would be appreciated.

In addition in the setup there was a location setting that was required. Will this need to be changed as we travel from location to location?

If you check this particular thread, there are some good mounting ideas to consider…

Best of luck to you! :+1:t2:

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I mount mine to a telescoping fiberglass flag pole on a flag pole mount on my RV. I bought the pole and mount from polesandholders.com. Here is a link to a post of a video of it in the wind: Photos of Air and Installation. Make sure there is no slop in your mount and it should do fine.

I have the unit I take with me have a bogus public location and update the private location when I get to my destination. This way WF can make sure some calibration doesn’t get done thinking it is still at home.

Thanks for the suggestions.

My plan was to mount this on the ladder but only a foot or to above the roof line (that would put it about 13 feet off the ground and leave it permanently mounted.

Most of the suggestions have this mounted on a flag pole 15 feet plus above the roof line. Does it needed to be mounted that high?

If so rules out my plan.

Opions appreciated.



Any where you want to know the weather is fine. Only a foot above the RV will likely have wind turbulence affecting readings and possibly temperature readings. I wouldn’t leave it mounted while driving as it wouldn’t take much of a hit to damage it. You also don’t want to have to clean off bug splatter.

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Hmm, good points.

Will rethink my mounting.



You probably could just leave the mount attached and just twist off the Tempest when you get ready to move the RV. I don’t know how much mount/dismount testing WF did with the mount as most won’t be taking it on and off very often. If you use the flat base mount with 1/4"x20 threads you could just use a wing head bolt, that is what I do with my AIR device from the first gen system.

With my setup I can decide how high I want the unit and only extend the pole accordingly. One place I go there are nearby trees so extending the pole all the way (the last couple of sections are too small for the pole mount so don’t get used) and get above the tree line. Other times I don’t want or can’t extend it all the way so I just put it up part way.

So here is how I decided to mount the Tempest.

Took a 2’ section of 1 1/4" pvc pipe and glued a pvc cap on one end. Drilled a 1/4" hole in the cap to allow rain drainage. Used hose clamps to attach ladder. Took one length of 1"x 3’ pvc pipe and glued a threaded male adapter on one end. Then took three lengths of 1"x 2’ pvc pipe and put 1" female and male adapters glued on each end. This way the mast length can be adjusted as needed. Took a1" x 5" piece of pvc and female adapter on one end and used the provided pole mount adapter to actually mount the Tempest.

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If you discover that you are getting false rain you can fill the pipes with sand to dampen the vibrations.