Sky: Corrosion / stain on sensors

Any idea if these are safe or will it affect the reading? Tried to wipe them with a soft wet cloth but it will not go away. Almost like lime stain on the sensors.

Hello rod1

Picture shows indeed some kind of corrosion or deposit. Can’t really tell. Have you an option to have a closer picture ?

Regarding your question, I’ll ask internally what corrosion could do to readings and come back to you once I get some reply. As you know they are all busy bees :honeybee:

If you click on the photo you can zoom in - but here you go:



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Hi @rod1 We’ve seen some corrosion like this before on early manufactured SKY units. Small amounts should not affect the wind readings but if/when it becomes a problem, that would be covered under warranty. These early SKY units had a thin coating on the transducers, applied by the manufacturer, that was supposed to prevent corrosion. We have seen that coating wear off sooner than it should, and it looks like this is one of those cases.

On later SKY units, and all Tempest units, we apply the SHP (super-hydrophobic) coating to all four transducers. That coating is a two-part epoxy that imparts excellent corrosion-resistance along with the SHP properties to the sensors.


I have include two more of the images on the other two sensors. If the weather is good tomorrow I may go climb up to bring it down for better pictures.