Smart Weather API Remote Data Access Policy

Greetings Smart Weather Developers. We’ve just published a revised Smart Weather API Remote Data Access Policy (REST & WS). Please have a look and let us know if you have any questions. For the TLDR crowd, here’s the short version:

  • Anyone can access public metadata (name, location, etc.) from any public station.
  • Station owners can access observation data (weather data) from the station(s) they own.
  • Normal applications (which is most) will have generous volume and rate limits
  • Extended volume limits and data access permissions are available by contracted agreement

This policy is not implemented on the technical side, yet. We will be rolling out new developer tools and documentation soon. Existing applications will not be affected any time soon.


When you get there, please define ‘generous’ in numbers so it’s nice and unambiguous where the lines in the sand are…

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For sure, we will! Right now the only restrictions are very high “defensive” limits we set to prevent DoS (either malicious or accidental… I’m looking at you! :slight_smile: ) . Normal apps will not hit these high limits. Part of the forthcoming developer tools will be a dashboard so you can see the important metrics, which are still being defined.

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Thank you, David. I look forward to using the new API.


I agree… those losers like eating up all the bandwidth… ugh!

Looking forward to a new chapter! Thanks for the update.